Extemp Relief

Sample Questions

U.S. Politics

  1. Are President Obama’s cabinet appointments living up to his ethical rhetoric?
  2. Was it a good idea for the House Republicans to unanimously oppose the $819 billion stimulus package?

U.S. Foreign Policy

  1. Will the Obama administration be able to capitalize on Syria’s renewed interest in improving relations with the United States?
  2. What can the United States do to improve the chaotic violence occurring in Mexico?
  3. Should the United States act to try and prevent the Chinese government from manipulating their currency?

U.S. Economy

  1. Can an enormous increase in government deficit spending stimulate the economy?
  2. What are the prospects for balancing the long-term United States budget?
  3. Does the recent increase in government expenditures raise the threat of inflation?


  1. What do the recent political demonstrations in Moscow mean for Russia?

Middle East

  1. What implications will the recent Iraqi elections have for the Middle East as a region?

Sample Quiz Questions

  1. What state has decided to suspend their tax refunds for at least thirty days to deal with their budget crisis? (California)
  2. In America, what is the difference between monetary and fiscal policy? (monetary: policy concerning the money supply, fiscal: policy concerning government expenditures and revenues)
  3. What has been the major point of opposition to Hillary Clinton’s nomination for Secretary of State? (foreign donations to Bill Clinton’s foundation)