Extemp Relief

Welcome to Extemp Relief

Do you find you don’t have time to write questions each week?
Are you in need of help with extemp?
Do you have to find questions for when you host a tournament?
Do you just hate extemp?
Do you struggle to keep up to date in order to help your kids?

There are multiple reasons why we fall behind in our work with extemporaneous speaking. Personally, we think coaches struggle the same reasons fewer and fewer kids are doing the event. It’s hard work! Well, we have tried to take some of the work out of it. Take a look at some of the services we provide.


“Extempers usually complain about the extemp topics at a tournament. I heard none of that after we used Extemp Relief for our questions. And that is no small compliment!”

Steve Wood, District Chair, Three Trails NFL District

“Extemp Relief is a relief! With all the planning that goes into a tournament, I’m excited that I don’t have to worry about writing the questions. And it really is a relief that we don’t have to write the weekly quizzes for our extempers. They are great questions, and my extempers know that they are on track with what is going on in the world.”

Sharon Volpe, North Allegheny High, PA, National Champion Coach
2009 NFL National Champ, International Extemp